March 31, 2011


Growth House showing HID

Conviron today announced the launch of its new Growth House™, an innovative solution designed for clients who require very large growth areas and also tight environmental control. Based on the platform of a walk-in room but designed with the size and features more common to a research greenhouse, the Growth House™ enhances Conviron's flexibility to meet the diverse needs of its global marketplace.

"The Conviron Growth House™ will fill an important gap in the plant research marketplace, particularly for researchers who want the large growth capacity of a research greenhouse but with all the advantages of a growth chamber's tight environmental control"
states Mark Loewen – Vice President, Marketing & Business Development.

The Conviron Growth House™ is essentially a very large walk-in room with sizes available in increments of 100 ft² up to 1300 ft² of interior space. These units also carry several distinguishing characteristics. For example, the lighting system utilizes the same High intensity Discharge (HID) lighting and support system as a high performance research greenhouse, although with a much higher quantity of lighting fixtures. This enables the Growth House™ to achieve light level intensities similar to those of our standard walk-in rooms.

The Growth House™ also incorporates a rolling bench system, thus providing efficient use of the large interior space. And, while a research greenhouse is inherently influenced by natural environmental conditions such as sunlight and day-night cycles, the Growth House™ affords the user complete environmental control over temperature, light, humidity and CO2 - year-round.

Mark Loewen adds, "Walk-in rooms are not typically this large and consequently, Conviron offers two construction options. The Growth House™ can be assembled within your existing facility or it can be engineered as a standalone building structure. Generally speaking, these are substantial projects. Conviron is accustomed to working with the client and the various trades involved to ensure the details are all accounted for and that the design, installation, commissioning, and on-going operations go smooth. This is the same level of value added service and integration that Conviron is known for, and that our clients have come to expect."

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