Grow beyond.

Grow beyond your expectations with Conviron - the world's most advanced plant growth chambers, walk-in rooms & custom controlled environments.

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Why Conviron?

Plant scientists around the world depend on plant growth chambers and rooms to deliver consistent, repeatable growing conditions to help drive the discovery process. Learn why one out of every two publications using plant growth chambers cite Conviron.

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  • 90+ Countries
  • 90% Of Clients Highly Recommend Conviron
  • 20000+ Chambers & Rooms Worldwide
  • Focus on Plants

    Focus on Plants

    We are the only manufacturer singularly focused on the technology and science of plant growth in controlled environments.

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  • Proven Solutions

    Proven Solutions

    Comprehensive portfolio of plant growth chambers and rooms providing a full range of proven solutions for research and production.

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  • Commitment to Quality

    Commitment to Quality

    Unparalleled commitment to quality reflected in internationally-recognized standards like ISO and safety certifications including TUV, CSA and CE marks.

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  • Highly Satisfied Clients

    Highly Satisfied Clients

    Our team does not rest until you are growing confidently. That is why 9 out of 10 clients highly recommend Conviron.

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  • Unmatched Client Care

    Unmatched Client Care

    Unmatched dedication to long-term client success - from extended warranties, to client-training and preventative maintenance programs.

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  • Global Resources

    Global Resources

    Global network of consultative sales people, expert service technicians and installers – all working to ensure our clients have the plant growth chambers and rooms they need.

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  • Nurturing the Next Generation

    Nurturing the Next Generation

    Uniquely nurturing the plant science community, early-career scientists and our own BioSTEM program that extends our advanced research-grade equipment to aspiring plant scientists.

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Drawing upon our extensive installed base around the world, Conviron subject matter experts, and our long history as the world’s leading manufacturer of controlled environments - Insights focuses on plant growth chamber and room technologies as well as showcasing their use in universities, institutes and other centers of excellence.