ABCann Medicinals

Early in 2014 ABcann Medicinal Inc. opened its doors on the outskirts of Napanee, ON, aiming to produce 50 to 80 kg/month of consistent medical grade Cannabis.1 A couple of years before beginning operations, ABcann worked with experts in the industry and institutions, such as the University of Guelph, to understand and plan the best alternatives to build a facility that incorporated the ideal design and equipment to reach the desired level of quality and consistency.

ABcann Medicinals cannabis flower room
ABcann Medicinals cannabis flower room.

In 2013 ABcann toured Conviron’s headquarters and manufacturing facility and then later moved forward with phase one of the project which included one mother room, two reach in clone chambers, one walk-in vegetation chamber and two cannabis flower rooms as well as an Argus Controls system and nutrient rack.

ABcann Medicinals mother room.
ABcann Medicinals mother room.

Although the facility was constructed in an existing building, the interior presented brand new state-of-the art technology.2 The design included Conviron custom-made grow rooms and equipment that ensured a desired standardized pharmaceutical grade product.3 Argus Controls, Conviron’s sister company, also played an important role as it enabled ABcann technicians to manage the environmental conditions and manage every facet of plant growth – from soil composition to temperature, humidity, fertigation equipment, and light.4 Back in 2015, Michael Hofmann, chief horticulturalist, and facility manager at the time, explained that for them a consistent process is key to learning and making documented changes needed to hitting the high-quality standards ABcann desired.5

In the years that followed, Conviron and Argus Controls continue to play an important role in the project. In 2017, ABcann ordered two cannabis flower rooms, one cannabis mother room, two cannabis drying rooms and one PGC Flex plant growth chamber for genetics. In addition, three PGC Flex and five A1000 reach-in chambers were supplied to the Guelph Lab at ABcann Medicinals.

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