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The drying process is one of the most critical stages of cannabis production. With the right solution, producers can maintain product quality, preserve their terpenes, and prevent microbial formation. Effective drying of a large harvest of cannabis requires high-capacity rooms with uniform airflow and tight control over temperature and humidity.

AtlantiCann Medical Inc. – or AMI – a licensed producer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia is a joint venture with the local Mi’kmaq First Nation and the MJardin Group. AMI focuses on creating a high-quality product that is safe and enjoyable for both recreational and medical markets. The advanced drying rooms from Conviron allow AMI to focus on the quality of their product during this crucial stage of production.

Cannabis Drying Rooms
AtlantiCann (AMI) Conviron cannabis drying rooms with Argus Controls.

“You need to be as good in the dry room as you are in the flower room, and with the Conviron dry rooms that’s what we’ve really found to be the reality, is that we can continue to steer that crop through the drying process” said Tim Nolan, Director of Operations, AtlantiCann Medical Inc.

The typical harvest at AMI is between 800-900 kg in wet weight, which is dried over a 10-day cycle. For AMI, maintaining quality means focusing on preventing microbials and preserving terpenes. AMI has never needed to irradiate their product as they regularly come in well below the microbial standards set out by Health Canada.

Cannabis Drying Rooms
The Conviron drying chambers are the apex of drying rooms.

“The highest cost per square foot is going to be within the drying chambers. It’s also protecting our investment. If you can’t preserve the product through the drying process, then what you did in the flower and the vegetative states are irrelevant. As I see it, the Conviron drying chambers are the apex of drying rooms. We’re able to steer the crop throughout the drying process, to hit the target moisture levels, to mitigate risk and exposure to microbial contamination. In addition to that, we’re able to preserve quality and put a consistently great product out there for the market.”, Tim Nolan.

Cannabis Drying Rooms