VISION – A Healthier World

Our mission is equipping researchers and growers to feed the world, improve human health, and protect the environment.​

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Supporting the Environment

Conviron is committed to the environment. We have implemented processes and programs to create products and an overall operation that is environmentally sound and responsible. Our premises have been retrofitted so as to conserve energy and improve energy efficiency. We manufacture products that are safe for their intended use and employ manufacturing processes that do not adversely affect the environment. To conserve natural resources Conviron reuses and recycles materials, purchases recycled materials, and uses recyclable packaging.

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Core Values

At Conviron, we have a very strong record of achievement and a deeply held conviction that our primary role is to support the work and mission of our clients. We recognize the value of a complete solution for our clients and appreciate that each client has unique needs and challenges. In keeping with our goal, we see our role as far more than a supplier of products. A Conviron client immediately becomes a life-time partner, and as your partner, our role is to help you achieve your goals and vision, and to support you throughout the life of your equipment.

In carrying out our commitment to you, our team adheres to a set of core values:

Collaborative: We are at our best when we work together with our colleagues and clients.

Accountable: We make commitments and follow through.

Respectful: We treat others as they want to be treated.

Engaged: We are fully committed to meeting your needs.

By adhering to these core values, continuously investing in research, development and our employees – Conviron has developed an unrivalled technical knowledge base in controlled environment solutions and a brand image defined by trust, reliability, integrity, innovation and value.

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Code of Conduct

We place great value in conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity. Our Code of Conduct applies equally to all employees and management as well as to our subsidiaries around the world. Furthermore, it sets out the expectation that our vendors, suppliers, distributors and independent contractors conduct themselves in a similar manner. As a supplier striving to deliver world-class products and services, we have the same high expectations of those businesses delivering products and services to Conviron.

Download a copy of the Conviron Code of Conduct below and Conviron's statement on forced labor in fulfillment of our Public Safety Canada reporting requirements.


Code of Conduct - Brochure


Modern Slavery Report