Product Safety

Why should you insist on safety and quality certification?

The Conviron brand is associated with product reliability and longevity, with many products remaining in operation in excess of 30 years. Before making a significant investment in controlled environment equipment, you need to have assurance that the products you are purchasing are safe and of high quality. While most suppliers claim to manufacture products of a high quality, customers need to have confidence that their equipment truly meets that standard with and independent and objective measurement.

Understand the Risks

In addition to the safety and reliability risks associated with non-certified products, there are other uncertainties. Licensed electricians will require that before they can connect electrical power to non-certified equipment, the equipment must be inspected by an accredited body. This puts the purchaser at considerable risk, as the results of that inspection may lead to significant delays, substantial modifications and rework at the client’s cost, or a rejection of the equipment altogether.

When purchasing new equipment, researchers should also insist that the product as a whole be certified, not just individual components. While approved components may be used by manufacturers, those components are certified for specific applications. Far more important are the requirements relating to the design of the product itself and the manner in which the approved components are applied. Components not correctly incorporated into equipment may result in premature failure and present safety hazards. This is particularly important with controlled environment systems, which involve a combination of lighting, refrigeration and often humidity. An overall equipment certification assures that all components and the product as a whole have been reviewed, tested and accepted by an independent body.

Can You Afford Not to Insist on Certification?

For these reasons, we strongly recommend that purchasers of controlled environment systems require that their products carry a recognized safety designation. Although there may be additional costs associated with certification, these are small compared with probable savings in future operating and maintenance expenses, and insignificant in relation to personal safety and the value of you and your team’s time invested in a research program, the data associated with your research and the value of your crop. Our commitment to the highest industry standards, in combination with our factory testing, final on-site testing performed by our professional and experienced installation crews, and comprehensive warranty, will give you confidence that Conviron products are safe and reliable.


Conviron uses 3rd party agencies (CSA and TÜV) to comply with product safety standards in both Canada and the USA. Both of these agencies have been authorized by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to certify product. Conviron also uses these 3rd party agencies and other equivalently authorized agencies to obtain field evaluation markings on customized product. All these agencies are recognized as NRTL’s (National Recognized Testing Laboratories) in the USA. Conviron’s registration for CSA can be found on the CSA Group

Product listing and entering “Conviron”. Conviron’s registration for TUV can be found by visiting the TUV website and entering “Controlled Environments”.


The CE mark appears on many products traded in the European Union (EU) and the extended European Economic Area (EEA). By applying the CE mark to product destined for Europe, Conviron declares the product meets all the applicable directive requirements for safety, health, and the environment.


This TUV mark accompanies the required CE mark for certain products and indicates that these products are independently tested and that Conviron’s production facility is regularly monitored to assure compliance.


Quality System

In order to ensure Conviron’s products meet universally recognized quality and safety standards, our manufacturing practices have been refined over 50+ years and through our commitment and dedication to continuous improvement. The foundation of Conviron’s commitment to continuous improvement and quality control is our Quality Management System, which fully complies with ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Conviron received its original certificate in 1992 and a most recent re-assessment in 2020. ISO certification has become a prerequisite for doing business with major customers worldwide as it assures our clients that Conviron meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

ISO 9001
Conviron uses ISO 9001 as its quality management system guide and has been registered since 1993. Our registration is with the internationally recognized organization Intertek. Conviron ensures that all procedures are complied with, as confirmed by annual ISO audits. ISO certification has become a prerequisite for doing business with major customers worldwide as it assures them that their suppliers meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Conviron’s registration can be found at the download button below:

ISO Logo


ISO Intertek Certificate of Registration

Security & Workplace Safety

In addition to meeting product certifications and ISO requirements, Conviron has achieved a number of other certifications that uniquely qualify Conviron as a reliable and safe supplier. These accreditations assure our clients that when they partner with Conviron, they are choosing to work with a supplier that meets the highest standards in other important areas such as cargo security, workplace safety or specific criteria defined by your purchasing department.


Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a voluntary government-business initiative that promotes the highest level of cargo security through close cooperation with the U.S. Government and the international trade community. To learn more about C-TPAT click here.


To ease our clients’ ability to qualify Conviron as a quality supplier, Conviron has been registered and certified with ISN® since 2012. ISN® is the global leader in contractor and supplier management. Click the links below to view Conviron's ISN® member certificates:

For a full listing of ISN® benefits and guidelines, visit

Conviron’s safety and health program has been certified to meet Canadian national standards according to the COR™ program. COR (Certificate of Recognition) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety and health program is in place that meets national standards. To learn more about COR click here.

Safe Work
As part of our commitment to workplace safety, Conviron has achieved SAFE Work Certification. Safe Work Certification is a standard set by CME (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters) Manitoba’s Made Safe initiative that helps make workplaces safer. The designation is built around the safety essentials of leadership commitment, hazard identification, risk control, and worker participation. In taking this important step Conviron shows its commitment to worker safety and that it plays an important role as a leader in workplace injury and illness prevention. For more information view press release.