Whether it's a single chamber or room, a controls upgrade, lighting retrofit or an entire controlled environment facility, our team does not rest until you are growing confidently. That is why 9 out of 10 clients highly recommend Conviron to their colleagues.

Our first step in building that relationship is to use a consultative process to understand your needs. We then act as a design/manufacturer to deliver and install a complete solution. This approach often times requires extensive information exchange with you in order to understand your needs, the intended outcome of your work, flow of production, building layout and utility designs. All of these are important inputs to delivering a successful project. It is our experience that projects that adopt this approach succeed at the highest rate.

We collaborate closely with your team and:

  • Provide experience in planning to you and project architects to help improve facility layout, usage of space, movement of plants and materials, and conservation of energy
  • Advise on equipment interface requirements to the mechanical and electrical consultants and collaborate with them as the project evolves from design through construction
  • Work directly with the general contractor during construction, installation, and facility commissioning

Throughout the course of our relationship, our clients are often faced with challenges such as upgrading existing facilities to reap energy or other resource efficiencies, procuring new equipment to take on all together new projects or consolidating shared resources and facilities resource management. Conviron has been a partner to clients facing all of these challenges. Having supplied most of the world’s largest plant growth facilities, Conviron understands what is required to successfully adapt to changing needs on time and on budget.

As your partner, our relationship extends far beyond the commissioning and sign-off phase. During the entire operational life of the facility, Conviron would be at your side to make modifications and adaptations to equipment as needs change and as new technologies emerge, offer advice and guidance should changes to the overall facility ever be contemplated, and of course to address any technical issues that may arise.