2023 CEAC Mission Award

Argus and Conviron have been selected as a recipient of the 2023 CEAC Mission Award. The CEAC is a multidisciplinary education, research, outreach, and extension program of the University of Arizona on controlled environment agriculture.

Argus and Conviron were chosen for being at the forefront of technology development and innovation on environmental control systems for controlled environment agriculture (CEA), a true supporter of the CEA industry and the UArizona-CEAC mission.

Over the years both companies have been active with CEAC's outreach and professional development programs at short courses and by participation as technical presenters to help inform and educate on cutting edge technologies on environmental control systems, growth chambers and various applications.

From left to right: Zacharie Fowler (Argus), Murat Kacira (CEAC), John Proven (Argus), Gene Giacomelli (CEAC), Kale Ilchena (Argus) & Sarvesh Ramlochun (Argus).
We have enjoyed being UA-CEAC's partner over the years and supporting its mission of leading-edge research projects in controlled environment agricultural as well as grower training programs.

John Proven, President & CEO

One of our first projects together was back in 2003-4 for the South Pole growing chamber where we collaborated on a custom-fitted Argus environmental control system with remote access and support. Argus and Conviron have always appreciated such rewarding collaborations with UA-CEAC and are united in our desire to help find solutions to producing high-value crops at maximum productivity in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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