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Plant Growth Chamber

  • External Area 26.25 ft²
  • Growth Area 16.2 ft²
  • Growth Height 65 inches

The BDR16 is designed for high-end plant physiology research where tight performance is critical to ensure a consistent plant canopy temperature throughout the chamber.

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To achieve tight performance, this unit employs a constant temperature lamp bank, cooled by the refrigeration system, which results in a constant light intensity output regardless of operating temperature. With 65” (1650 mm) of growth height and 16.2ft2 (1.5 m3) of growth area, the BDR16 accommodates tall plants to maturity. Please consult Conviron regarding specific requirements.

Plant Research Applications
Tall Plant, Low Temp
Plant-Derived Pharma Applications
Tall Plant, Low Temp
1 Tier
External Area
26.25 ft²
External Dimensions
105" x 36" x 89"
Growth Area
16.2 ft²
Growth Height
4 to 40°C
Light Intensity
800 µmol/m²/sec
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    BDR16 Operator Manual
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