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Cannabis Clone Room

  • External Area 200 ft²
  • Growth Area 192 ft²
  • Growth Height 22 inches

The clone is the most vulnerable stage of the cannabis plant’s development requiring high humidity, moderately low light, gentle air movement and consistent temperatures to prevent excessive drying during development of young roots.

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Large Scale Clone Rooms

For larger-scale operations, Conviron’s Cannabis OneTM multipurpose grow rooms can be outfitted for clones to optimize floor space while providing high uniformity and control of the cloning environment. These rooms give cultivators greater throughput in the cloning stage with capacity for 15,000 clones or more.

Advanced Solutions

For advanced environmental performance and research applications, Conviron offers a range of configurable and custom research-grade cannabis clone rooms that deliver the highest level of uniformity and control. By actively directing air horizontally from pressurized perforated wall plenums towards the center of the room, clones on every shelf experience the same conditions of temperature and humidity. Clone rooms can be designed with additive humidity, which provide up to 95% RH and low air flow velocity, which can eliminate the need for the domes on the clone trays.

Cannabis Production Applications
3 Tiers
External Area
200 ft²
External Dimensions
Growth Area
192 ft²
Growth Height
10 to 30°C
Light Intensity
275 µmol/m²/sec
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