Titan 900

Titan 900 is Argus’ control system software which, together with Titan hardware, provides a powerful, integrated solution for managing the entire horticultural facility from greenhouse and physical plant operations to fertigation systems, grow rooms and growth chambers, nurseries and propagation zones. Some key features:

  • Precision climate control and intelligent lighting control
  • Tracking for system security and audits
  • Continuous recording of all settings, readings and crop parameters
  • Collect data from advanced sensor systems for measuring light, carbon dioxide, oxygen, fruit loading, moisture, water flow, leachate volumes, spectral reflectance, and photosynthesis

Argus Live

Argus Live™ is a safe, secure and powerful enhancement to the Argus System that enables you to control your facility from your mobile device or tablet, on demand. Argus live enables you to:

  • See your entire operation in real time
  • Change operating parameters to optimize production
  • Receive and respond to alarms immediately
  • Use your computer or mobile device to connect remotely to your facility
  • Quickly access your settings and controls
  • Easily equip your entire team with access
  • Personalize your dashboard for a focused view of critical information

Multi-Feed Nutrient Injection

Argus Multi-Feed injectors including the new Multi-Feed RM are designed and manufactured exclusively by Argus and feature some of the most advanced capabilities of any nutrient control equipment including full single-element dosing options. The injectors are capable of 'on-the-fly' delivery of multiple stock concentrates regardless of the system flow rate. With a Multi-Feed injector, you can use the same dosing equipment to deliver dozens of different recipes. You can also modify the feed concentration and chemistry to suit the current conditions. Fully integrated with the comprehensive irrigation and fertigation capabilities of the Argus Titan system, Multi-Feed injection systems enable you to simply 'dial-in' a precision feeding program for every crop.

We select and preconfigure all of the control components – clients need only supply the information about the equipment to be controlled and the processes to be managed. In the end, we supply a complete end-to-end control system tailored to the facility.

Argus Infographic
Overview of Argus System Solution for Entire Plant Growth Facility


Manage Your Operation

With Argus Live management and control software, you have perfect vision and total control in the palm of your hand. Completely customize Argus Live to suit the needs of your operation, from personalizing the interface to controlling your facility’s settings to keep your operation running smoothly.

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