With Conviron Central Management™, researchers, production specialists and facility managers can operate a single chamber or manage an entire fleet of plant growth environments from a central workstation and from remote devices connected through LAN or Internet.

Conviron Central Management for plant growth chambers and rooms
Conviron Central Management™ enables you to operate a single chamber or manage an entire fleet of plant growth rooms from a central workstation or remote device.


CMP6060 Controller - Brochure

Real-Time Connectivity: Users have complete control of all chambers from any connected PC or mobile device with Internet access, including creating/editing programs and changing operating tolerances.

Alarms and Notifications: A secure TLS connection to email systems provide real-time alerts and alarm notifications to PC or mobile devices. Central Management (CM) can also interface with building management systems.

Data Protection: Experiment data is protected with automatic backup and restore functions including system protection, disaster recovery and file restoration.

Data Management: CM stores all experimental data and alarms on its hard drive and allows for complete access, extensive filtering and flexible extraction of data for analysis and reporting.

User Account Management: CM provides user time tracking with accounting scheduling for each chamber.

Supervisory Dashboard: An easy-to-read dashboard displays the status of all chambers at a glance.

User-Friendly Interface: For chambers with CMP6060 controllers, CM provides remote access through an interface that replicates the CMP6060 controller exactly, which eases training and trouble-shooting.

Everything You Need

CM is an integrated turn-key solution including software and hardware delivered from Conviron fully configured for each installation. CM runs on 64-Bit Windows 10™ on a Dell computer.