Nothing is more important than protecting your plant experiments and preserving the up-time of your growth chambers. As the leading provider of controlled environments, Conviron provides the most advanced technology and robust systems that work together to perform reliably for years, and sometimes decades beyond expectation.

With time, however, technology, including lighting, instrumentation, controls and refrigeration, evolves to offer new advantages in terms of performance, safety, environmental impact and cost. In the process this technological evolution suspends or obsoletes critical components that were once standard or leading edge at the time of purchase. Enter the CORETM fleet upgrade program. CORETM is designed to protect your plant growth fleet from obsolescence risks and to gradually replace your aging chambers.

Contact our sales department from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST at +1.204.786.6451 or via our “Contact Us” page. Our expert technical team will recommend steps to take or to book an on-site fleet audit to better gauge the current state of your equipment.


Overview - CORE Program


CORE - Refrigeration, Lighting & Controls Upgrades