Your Custom Solution

At Conviron, we understand that some advanced research and production needs may not be addressed by standardized plant growth chambers or rooms. Trust our internal team of designers, engineers and controls experts to assess your project parameters and select or customize equipment solutions from our portfolio that can integrate seamlessly into your new or existing building services.

LEDs custom integrated with Conviron BDW plant growth room | Image courtesy of CIAT-FLAR.

Multiple Applications

Whether your project requires single or multiple complex chambers or rooms, we are the industry leader when it comes to creating high-performance environments to satisfy a vast range of applications in such disciplines as:

  • plant science
  • cannabis production
  • plant-derived pharmaceutical research and production
  • product and stability testing
  • material testing
  • human physiological testing
  • high-value storage
  • other life sciences applications

We suggest you contact Conviron early in your development plans as possible. As a starting point, we offer a Project Questionnaire below to assist with early-stage discussions:


Custom Questionnaire


Conviron has engineered thousands of customized plant growth chambers and rooms for clients around the world. Below is a small sample of some of our recent solutions. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.