Product Overview

Conviron's Environmental Rooms offer efficiency, performance, and quality in a scalable design. Room configuration is ideally suited for applications where environmental controls and/or room materials are critical. Room sizes can be custom ordered for non-standard layouts. Professionally designed, and proven, our rooms provide performance that will meet your specified requirements. In addition, Conviron’s rooms offer unique features that maximize storage space, improve reliability, and ensure performance to desired specifications. Fully redundant rooms are available for critical applications.

Data Sheets

Environmental Room - Data Sheet

Temperature Conditioned air is provided by an easy-access ceiling mounted environmental control unit (ECU). In its standard configuration the unit provides user adjustable temperature between 4°C and 37°C ±1°C. The ECU is out of the workspace to maximum available storage inside the unit. Due to its top mount position, all service work can be performed outside the room, minimizing disruption to room contents. The refrigeration circuit is factory assembled and performance tested to ensure all components meet specifications. Units are available in water cooled or air-cooled configurations.

Units use R404a refrigerant and feature hot-gas bypass control with continuous compressor operation. For areas with adequate ventilation the ECU’s boil-out drain pan feature eliminates the need for evaporator drains.

Environmental Rooms


High efficiency LED vapour proof light fixtures and trim finishes ensure the room meets required light levels. Available lighting options include occupancy sensors for enhanced energy performance.

Rooms are available with a broad relative humidity range from 10% to 95% RH (±5%). Additive RH options use steam, or ultrasonic humidification and desiccant for low humidity performance.

Scalable Design
Room dimensions are flexible and can be scaled to meet your faculty requirements.

Environmental Room Scalability
Scalable Design: Room dimensions are flexible and can be scaled to meet your facility requirements.