Conviron GEN1000 White IN

GEN1000 IN

Plant Incubation Chamber

  • External Area 9.25 ft²
  • Growth Area 22.6 ft²
  • Growth Height 8.5 inches

Low light and multiple tiers ideal for nurturing young seedlings into shorter plants. The GEN1000 comes standard with broad-spectrum, energy-saving LED lighting.

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The GEN1000 plant growth chamber offers the unique ability to adapt to four different research applications in an economical equipment platform. The base chamber itself can be fitted with one of four specially configured kits, and each kit is specifically designed for a particular application including: Tall Plant, Short Plant, Tissue Culture, and Incubation. By varying the configuration of the airflow, light, and shelving, each kit defines one of the four applications. The GEN1000 comes standard with broad-spectrum, energy-saving LED lighting.

The GEN1000 is also available with several options such as fluorescent lighting and can be easily adapted for entomology research by selecting the optional phenolic coated refrigeration coil, which protects it from insect damage.

Plant Research Applications
Incubation, Entomology, Low Temp, Multi-Purpose
Plant-Derived Pharma Applications
Incubation, Multi-Purpose, Low Temp
4 Tiers
External Area
9.25 ft²
External Dimensions
41" x 32.5" x 77"
Growth Area
22.6 ft²
Growth Height
4 to 45°C
Light Intensity
275 µmol/m²/sec
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