Conviron GEN1000 White SH

GEN1000 SH Clone Chamber

Cannabis Clone Chamber

  • External Area 9.25 ft²
  • Growth Area 11.3 ft²
  • Growth Height 20 inches

The GEN1000 SH can accommodate 650 clones across three tiers (3 x 72 clone trays per tier).

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The clone is the most vulnerable stage of the cannabis plant’s development requiring high humidity, moderately low light, gentle air movement and consistent temperatures to prevent excessive drying during development of young roots.

Conviron offers a portfolio of chambers and rooms for every stage of cannabis production designed for the requirements of commercial cultivators. Each solution is designed for environmental uniformity, high capacity of plants and the ability to integrate with Argus controls and fertigation systems.

Cannabis Production Applications
Cloning, Multi-Purpose
2 Tiers
External Area
9.25 ft²
External Dimensions
41″ x 32.5″ x 77″
Growth Area
11.3 ft²
Growth Height
4 to 45°C
Light Intensity
450 µmol/m²/sec
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