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The CEL Group of Companies (CEL) comprises Conviron Canada, Conviron USA, Conviron Europe and Conviron Australia - together forming the world’s leading designer and supplier of controlled environments for plant growth.

CEL Group also includes Argus Controls, one of the leading suppliers of plant-centric environmental controls and automation systems used in greenhouse and indoor growing facilities. Together, Conviron and Argus provide technologies to our clients in the plant science research, commercial horticulture, and plant-derived pharma industry in over 90 countries.

Steve Kroft, Executive Chairman

Executive Chairman

We live in interesting times. COVID-19 has reminded us of our vulnerabilities, and of the power and importance of science and technology in our daily lives. As a global supplier of equipment, technology and software applications used to develop solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, we have never felt a greater sense of responsibility to our clients and the billions of people around the globe they serve.

Solutions from Conviron and Argus Controls are being used extensively by scientists and pharmaceutical firms pursuing plant-based vaccines and therapeutics to defeat COVID-19 and other deadly diseases, like Ebola. Similarly, our solutions are being used in more than 90 countries to address the critical challenges of food shortage, food security and climate change. Thus, our mission, which states: “We contribute to feeding the world, improving human health and protecting the environment by providing technology that advances plant science and production,” has never been more relevant than it is today. It is why we are investing more in R&D than at any time in our history, and why we are expanding our service network to ensure our clients are fully equipped with the technology they need.

Our team is proud of what we do. Our Code of Conduct reflects our commitment and reminds each and every member of our team of the enormous responsibilities we have to science, our clients, our communities, our planet, each other and ourselves. Most of all, we are proud of our association with our thousands of clients who dedicate themselves to making all of us safer, healthier and happier. For this we are grateful.

John Proven, President & CEO

President & Chief Executive Officer

Our expertise is directed to providing reliable, class-leading solutions for plant growth, no matter your specific application. We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs while being adept at supporting you over the entire life-cycle of our technologies. Our life-cycle commitment demands that designs support future modifications and often-times, expansion to accommodate your growing needs.

Internally, we judge our performance in the context of you ‘Growing with Confidence’ and you can imagine how that directs our thinking and the things we measure in the process. The theme of clients growing with confidence, permeates our culture and we are proud of it.

As a global business that began in the 1960’s, CEL is dedicated to upholding class-leading standards. Standards that you would expect of a market leader. Enjoy perusing our web site and do not hesitate to reach out to our team who will gladly guide you through the technical decisions for your next successful project.