2017-18 ASPB Conviron Scholars program highlights

Workshops and mentoring tapped the expertise of plant scientist from academia, government and industry, including the University of California- Berkley, Spring Arbor University, University of Illinois, the USDA, Monsanto and many others. Students remarked on the importance of the career mentoring:

“The personal attention that I got from later career scientists made it the most special. It’s easy to assemble a group of students, but to marshal of group of established professionals that are interested in bettering students is much more difficult.”

“My participation in the program has truly made me reconsider my options for my future career. I am very grateful to the organizers for all the work and effort put into producing excellent resources to learn from outside my university classroom!”

“I think the program being “virtual”, i.e. hosted online, made it possible to connect and collaborate with people whom I otherwise would not. It’s been a unique opportunity to network with peers and mentors across a spectrum of plant science roles. I’m inspired by the work others shared and will take away from the program new ideas and projects.”

"There are some strict deadlines during the program which will push you to achieve things which you would not have found time or courage for otherwise."

“The webinars were the glue in the program experience, joining together all the activities and outlining a seamless narrative for the program. The speakers were fantastic, the students asked great questions, and the technology worked perfectly every time.”

The ASPB Conviron Scholars Program aimed to support the next generation of plant scientists by helping students build their foundation for a successful career. The program selected exceptional Undergraduate and Graduate students studying Plant Biology and delivered a year-long experience which included, career planning, written communications, leadership and effective presentations:

For the 2017-18 program, 21 students were chosen from Universities around the world, including University of Ibadan (Nigeria), Aberystwyth University (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), Ghent University (Belgium) and a cross section of American universities, including University of Chicago, Purdue University, Ohio State University and many others.

About ASPB

The American Society of Plant Biologists was founded in 1924 to promote the growth and development of plant biology, to encourage and publish research in plant biology, and to promote the interests and growth of plant scientists in general. In 1926, Plant Physiology began publication and is one of the world’s oldest and most well-respected plant science journals. In 1989, The Plant Cell began publication and is ranked first in impact among journals publishing primary research in the plant sciences. Over the past decades, the Society has evolved and expanded to provide a forum for molecular and cellular biology as well as to serve the basic interests of and to promote the advancement of plant science.

About Conviron

Conviron is the world’s largest designer and supplier of plant growth chambers and rooms. Leading universities, government agencies and agricultural biotech companies around the globe rely on Conviron’s highly engineered controlled environments to solve many of today’s challenges in food production and safety. Headquartered with design and manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Canada, and wholly-owned Argus Controls in Surrey, BC, Conviron employs a global sales and distribution network with offices in the US, Europe, Australia and China.

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