2018-19 ASPB Conviron Scholars program highlights

The ASPB Conviron Scholars Program aims to support the next generation of plant scientists by helping students build their foundation for a successful career. The program selects exceptional undergraduate and graduate students studying Plant Biology and delivers a year-long experience which includes, career planning, written communications, leadership, effective presentations and independent projects:

For the 2018-19 program, 40 students were chosen from Universities around the world, including the University of Nottingham (UK), University of Lagos (Nigeria), Stanford University (USA), University of Málaga, (Spain), Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and others. For a full list of participating institutions and scholars, click here.

Workshops and mentoring tapped the expertise of plant scientists from academia, government and industry, including Yale University, National Space Centre in the UK, University of California Riverside, the University of Maryland, Federal University Oye Ekiti in Nigeria, Bayer Crop Science and others.

Students remarked on the importance of the program to their career development:

“I just want to thank the ASPB Conviron Scholars program for an amazing experience. It was such a great opportunity that I am very grateful for. They have helped me so much with career development.”

“It was a really enjoyable experience where I could really grow as a scientist.”

“They helped me so much to write more efficiently and more concisely. They were also very supportive, constructive and respectful while doing that because we were all coming from different levels of scientific writing. I know for a fact that helped me get into the internship I have now. ”

“The ASPB Conviron Scholars program provided me with excellent communication practice and the opportunity to make connections with mentors in the field that I will pursue a career in. I highly recommend this program for other students in plant sciences, particularly those who are early in their educational path.”

“It has solidified for me the idea that I want to pursue a career related to plant sciences and that I want to get a PhD related to plant sciences.”

“One thing that makes this program so unique is each student is assigned a mentor based on their career goals. My mentors gave me great advice on how to tailor my cv, what I should add, what makes a strong applicant for different jobs, and what are some opportunities I should pursue during my time as a graduate student - especially if I want to be a professor. This sort of mentorship is something that is very unique to the program.”

In their independent projects and presentations students pursued a wide variety of topics such as:

Additional projects, presentations and highlights for the 2018-19 ASPB Conviron Scholars program can be found on ASPB’s Plantae blog below:

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