Complete LED Solutions

Regardless of the size of a growth chamber or style of a room, Conviron will work with clients to design an LED lighting system that meets the spectrum requirements and fits the configuration of the controlled environment.

As a primary distributor for Valoya Oy of Finland, we offer continuous wide spectrum LEDs that have been developed specifically for plant growth. We also collaborate closely with clients and other LED manufacturers to assist in the selection of the appropriate LED technology to provide the required light spectrum. We then adapt existing canopies – or design new ones – to deliver the intensity and uniformity intended by the researcher for plant growth. Finally, we customize the controller and cooling system to provide the controlled environment that suits the researchers’ unique requirements.

Valoya LED integrated with plant growth chamber
Valoya AP673 LED fixtures in a plant growth chamber

Retrofits and Upgrades to Existing Chambers

Chambers and rooms manufactured by Conviron or other suppliers can be retrofitted with a custom-designed LED lighting system. Our approach to designing a retrofit considers:

  • Research Objectives - depending on the research and the variety of plants, certain LED technologies will be better suited to deliver the desired spectrum.
  • Chamber Design - the physical mounting of LED fixtures and their drivers, as well the cooling system requirements must be considered to ensure intended performance over time.
  • Controller Integration - to control light spectrum and intensity, an LED solution must integrate smoothly with the control system. Conviron has tested its controllers with several LED technologies to ensure seamless integration and control over features such as photoperiod, spectrum and lighting output.
LED Illumitex
Conviron Growth House™ with Illumitex LED fixtures.

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