Conviron becomes SAFE Work Certified by Made Safe

Conviron becomes the first light metal products manufacturing company in Manitoba to be SAFE Work Certified by Made Safe.

This week, Made Safe Executive Director Neal Curry presented Steve Kroft – CEO of Conviron with a plaque commemorating their certification at a ceremony in Winnipeg attended by manufacturing leaders, safety professionals and Conviron employees.

“Certification is important because employees are the lifeblood of an organization. Our workers arriving home to their families safely after a day of work is our priority,” said Curry. “Manufacturers are leading the way and certification is just one-way companies like Conviron are demonstrating their industry leadership. On behalf of the manufacturing industry, we commend Conviron for their commitment to health and safety in the workplace.”

“Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is the foundation for all that we do at Conviron,” said Steve Kroft, CEO of Conviron. “We are dedicated not only to complying with local laws and regulations but going beyond these standards to ensure a safe environment for our employees and visitors. Engaging with Made Safe has been a valuable process that affirmed our vision as a safetyfocused organization and confirmed the effectiveness of our work processes and training programs. As a team, we are proud to receive the SAFE Work certification”.

Workers Compensation Board (WCB) data shows that compared to industry averages, workplaces that implement a safety and health certification program experience 42 per cent lower injury rates and 49 per cent fewer work days taken for time-loss injuries.

SAFE Work Manitoba partners with industry-based safety associations in Manitoba’s largest sectors to support certification programs; delivered by and for industry.

"SAFE Work Manitoba congratulates Conviron on achieving safety certification," said Jamie Hall, Chief Operating Officer of SAFE Work Manitoba. "In taking this important step, Conviron shows its commitment to worker safety and contributes to Manitoba's role as a leader in workplace injury and illness prevention. As Conviron demonstrates, successful companies are also safe companies."

About Made Safe

A CME Manitoba initiative, Made Safe is the Industry-Based Safety Program (IBSP) for manufacturing in Manitoba. Made Safe delivers professional safety services as the go-to resource for the manufacturing industry, enabling safe, productive and cost-effective work environments. In partnership with SAFE Work Manitoba, Made Safe makes it easier for employers and workers to ensure workplaces are safe and productive. Data shows that companies involved with an IBSP report superior injury reduction performance. When industry helps industry, associations are better suited to deal with the hazards and best practices that are specific to that sector.

In addition to creating a safer and healthier workplace upon certification, Made Safe members become eligible for a rebate on their WCB premiums. Moreover, a safer industry means lower WCB premium costs for everyone – as much as 37 per cent based on historical data. For manufacturing, Manitoba’s largest industry, this represents millions in savings and increased economic productivity.

About Conviron

Conviron is the world’s largest designer and supplier of plant growth chambers. Leading universities, government agencies and agricultural biotech companies around the globe rely on Conviron’s highly engineered controlled environments to solve many of today’s challenges in plant science related to food production, human health and the environment. Headquartered with design and manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Canada, and wholly-owned Argus Controls in Surrey, BC, Conviron employs a global sales and distribution network with offices in the US, Europe, Australia and China.

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