Service bulletin

This bulletin is for Conviron clients with plant growth chamber or room models that incorporate Metrolight ballasts for HID lighting. The affected part numbers are 214135 and 214136.


Service Bulletin - Ballast

What is the issue?

Conviron chambers and walk-in rooms equipped with Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lighting use ballasts to regulate the current to the lamps and provide sufficient voltage to start the lamps. Ballasts have a limited lifespan and the prolonged usage, heat and moisture in controlled environments may contribute to ballast failure, at which point it needs replacement. An unexpected ballast failure could interrupt research programs or plant production.

At this time, Conviron part numbers 214135 and 214136 are obsolete and no longer available from the manufacturer nor after-market suppliers.

What will we do?

To protect against lighting interruptions due to ballast failure, Conviron has secured suitable aftermarket replacement ballasts and is making them available to clients on a first come first served basis. The new aftermarket ballast is suitable for either Metrolight MH or HPS dimming ballasts. The replacement part number is 295695 (Ballast-400W, HPS, MH, Dimming, LumLux, 50 Hz, 60 Hz).

What should you do?

Please check each unit to determine which of your Conviron models are affected, the number of ballasts you have per chamber and, if available, the last replacement date of the ballasts. Then contact Conviron’s service department for pricing, availability and estimated delivery.

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