Launch of Conviron Genesis™ plant growth chambers

Today, Conviron announces the launch of its new line of plant growth chambers – Conviron Genesis™.

Consisting of three models, the GEN1000, GEN2000 and the GEN1000-GE, this new line of versatile and advanced plant growth chambers enables users to grow a wide variety of plants in an economical and space efficient platform.

By opting for one or more kits, the GEN1000 and GEN2000 chambers can be easily configured in the field to a wide range of applications including tall plant, short plant, tissue culture, incubation, and entomology research. This unique feature makes both the GEN1000 and GEN2000 an ideal choice for situations where you require a multi-purpose plant growth chamber that can be changed as your needs change or shared with a wide variety of users with different needs.

The GEN1000-GE is a dedicated germination chamber that comes standard with five shelves but can have up to 15 shelves for high throughput germination, vigor, seedling growth rates and other testing where tight environmental control is required.

All chambers come equipped with broad spectrum 12W T5 LED fixtures configured to suit the intensity required for each application and kit. Lamp and ballast combinations have been designed to ensure uniform light distribution.

About Conviron

Conviron is the world’s largest designer and supplier of plant growth chambers and rooms. Leading universities, government agencies and agricultural biotech companies around the globe rely on Conviron’s highly engineered controlled environments to solve many of today’s challenges in food production and safety. Headquartered with design and manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Canada, and wholly owned Argus Controls in Surrey, BC, Conviron employs a global sales and distribution network with offices in the US, Europe and Australia.

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