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MTPS72 Flex - 1 Tier

Plant Growth Room

  • External Area 67.57 ft²
  • Growth Area 24 ft²
  • Growth Height 73.5 inches

The Flex option allows the MTPS to be converted from a tall plant/high light/single tier configuration to a short plant/low light/two or three-tier configuration.

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Configured with the Flex option, an MTPS plant growth room becomes a highly adaptable environment for research programs requiring a range of plant heights and lighting intensities. The flexible design means there is no need for special trades or services to adjust shelf height and airflow as research needs change. Simple plug-and-play design provides researchers with easily adjustable and removable cantilevered canopies.

Plant Research Applications
Tall Plant, Multi-Purpose
Plant-Derived Pharma Applications
Tall Plant, Multi-Purpose
1 Tier
External Area
67.57 ft²
External Dimensions
139" x 70" x 110"
Growth Area
24 ft²
Growth Height
10 to 35°C
Light Intensity
1000 µmol/m²/sec
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